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Wneptunesphere is always playing to the music industry's needs

Business Networking  Software


Within all pages is invisible sound.  The same sound that sound engineers charge thousand of dollars for.  The mastering of the software adds another layer for your customer to see your company.  With perfect tabs, actually programed links, and your own userpage consider this product valuable.  One payment purchases this product for a lifetime.




Within the movies, porn, and other ad outlets lies my name.  Making money from that isn't free.  Yes true, some people or companies use my name with no intention to ever pay for.  This product is perfect for purchase because you can see how it is a great way to sell yourself as a bad guy.




Within the music you listen to lies my name, but it isn't free to record it and make money from it.  This product is the product purchase that allows it. The mention is a one song per song purchase.

Credit System
Remember these products stay locked in on the world wide web's infinite network.  This works for Wneptunesphere because it assists in invoice billing, but it might not be an advantage for most business thus if is a good idea to purchase credits if these products ahead of time.
If you have used Wneptunesphere services before our downloads page holds credit through pdf.
Bank held album prestreams that pay $10 per sell to the artist, twice the amount of all other album sellers.
Mastered computer networking.  Engineered tabs for mastered extra detail not possible ever before.
Self updating artist username latest album pages.  PayPal linked artist pages that instantly pay huge sums of money daily and weekly from album sells.